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I read on a web site that they are gonna make the battle more lethal and that some cullens and wolves will die has anyone else heard or read anything about this. Do you think that they would actually do that.  It pains me to think that they could kill even one of them just to make it more exciting I like the book the way it is and don't want it changed in that way

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No, I don't that should happen. It just pains me like you said. I would crouch into a ball like Bella in New Moon and cry for 3 days, untill a strange gigantic wolf carries me to my dad. HAHA! Plus, It's not a good idea for a Cullen to die, there would be like no preperation, they don't exactly have alot of time
i want to see exciting fights, but i dont want to see anyone dying,..
From what I hear, The battle is supposed to be Alice showing Aro what will happen if he battles the Cullens. Yes, in that, Some Cullens and Wolves die, But Edward and Bella Kill Aro...This is why Aro decides NOT to go on with the battle and it ends...
i dont think that would happen but also they all cant live because after midnight sun people r going to get mad because it is going to fell like they kept u hanging for the next movie but there isent
I guess what u all need to do, is to be careful where u are getting your information from.  When reading Stephanie Meyers POV of Edward their was nothing mentioned that I can remember, but it was not finished, as we all know why.  Well if it's going to end then something needs to happen.  But if she doesn't want the saga to end, she has a couple of alleys to explore.  1.  She could have the Cullen fight the Volturi, and 2. She could make a book about Renesmee and Jacob's life.  We all of our ideas about her keeping the saga alive.  Let's give her all of our ideas, or she probably already has her own.  That's my wish anyway!!  Peace...........:)
This is ridiculous. I think it's only paps buzz. So untrue!!

I agree with you they should make the movie the way it is in the book.

I have not heard or read anything about this. Do you know when the first part is coming out to theaters?


November 18th, 2011 is when 1st part comes out.  the 2nd part will be out November 2012 (one year apart )


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