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I am trying to get my daughter cast as the role of Renesmee Cullen, but I need help getting her noticed. I am a single mom and I have no other options or resources but to get people to spread the word and to please check out my youtube video I have of her! Thank you!

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Your Daughter is sooooo cute! how old is she?
thank you! she is 3!
aww she's adorable
thank you! I've had tons of positive comments on here and my youtube video. Nice to know I'm not some crazy mom lol although there have been a few bad eggs but there will always be those every where you go! lol thanks for the support!
Oh she is so adorable.
thank you!
She would be perfect for the part of Renesmee. Don't give up.
thank you so much! I just got finished reading a comment from some chic who said I was an irresponsible mother and blah blah that the child should make their own choice... she's 3!!! what 3yr old makes their own choices! if we let kids make their own choices we would have a mess on our hands, can you imagine how they would be as adults. I mean if she hated doing this sort of thing I would understand, but she loves it. She has had any real experience but she loves being in front of the camera and the center of attn. 2 yr old is the exact opposite so i am RESPONSIBLE enough to not put her in anything like this lol now after all i just blabbered about what I meant was... this was nice to hear after that negative comment :D
shes so perfect she could deffinatly be Renesmee!!!
thank you! I need the support! :D
There have been a lot of rumors that they have started casting but Summit Entertainment, supposedly, posted that they will inform the media when they decide to start casting for Breaking Dawn. Go to this site I hope it helps.
she so cuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!


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