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Ok so I know Breaking Dawn is not coming out until November 18 ( sad face) but even though it is far away i have to ask... How will you be at the premiere or well movie??? Are you going with your boyfriend? Best friend? Group of friends? But that is not the only reason for this discussion. I was on youtube the other day looking for the Edward vs Victoria fight and a comment got me thinking when they said taylor lautner was not going to be in the remaining films people went crazy but then when they said they were replacing Victoria most people were like "Who cares?" and then complained after Eclipse came out so another question...
Who would you have picked to play the characters in the saga?

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omg.... I think its perfect the way it is. (with few adjustments, but books will always be the best where movies are just good LOL)

Taylor is still going to be in Breaking Dawn. 

I am going with my sister (no question about it!  LOL)....


yeah 249 more days until its out in theaters!!!  I am going to be the first in line LOL

Haha. The release of BD will be on Nov. 18 and if I'm not mistaken, it's a weekday. My classmates planned to absent ourselves for the movie! lol. <3 as Edward said. DITCHING IS HEALTHY! haha. I do want to see how will they portray Renesmee's birth! lol. :) I really can't wait for the movie!! :)
Nov 18 is on a Friday ;)  so I think it would be alright to skip friday school LOL

taylor will b in breaking dawn. i wouldnt change anybody its perfect the way it is

i think i will b going alone


Good Lord willing, I'll be at the first showing I can find around here! While I will go alone if necessary, if possible I'll take my wife, either of our adult children or any of the grand children that happen to be around that day.  Then, whoever couldn't make that first show will go with me to a show when others can make it. I'll see it several times as each time I see one of the movies I pick up on other things missed in the first, second or third showing! I try to watch the first DVD every few months and Eclipse more often (oh, how I love both the book and the movie - just finished reading the book for the fifth time)! I certainly hope Taylor is in both the BD films...he adds a lot to the films in my opinion and I don't know if anyone else could fill the role nearly as well.

I don't think the cast could be any better, really. Everyone is amazing; they each bring so much to their character. 


And I will definitely be going to the first showing of BD with my two sisters, my niece, and my mom. Possibly my best friend, too, if she's around. Which she probably will be...because she always somehow manages to show up on my doorstep when a new Twilight movie comes out (whether in theaters or on DVD)... XD

I am going to be at the premiere! I am going to be there the first day it comes out with pre-paid tickets!

I don't think I could pick the characters any better.

Although, I think I would switch Jane and Bree

Dakota is much better at being a victim, a witness

Jodelle (Bree's Actor) hasn't been in a role of power but I can imagine her with great power as Jane, plus her black hair gives alot more power and "umph" to the evil vampire clan.

I like it the way it is. I didnt know they were going to replace victoria until the movie came out. Then when I saw the movie, I was disappointed. The girl that did victoria did not do a very good job in playing her.
I am going with my bestest friend who is a HUGE twihard as well! I wouldn't replace the characters... I liked the replacement with Victoria because I thought Bryce did a better job at her than Rachel. Jacob is going to be in Breaking Dawn!


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