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I think it's not a good idea at all. We'd have to wait forever for the 2nd part :( lol.Any thoughts?

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I know it will take longer but I would like to see more of the book covered not less. One 3hr show is too short
I hate the fact that they are putting breaking dawn in to 2 parts. I think it's stupid that they are doing two parts. I would rather they do it all in one
It can always be put into a 4hr movie so that nothing is lost
yes, but except for Twifans no one else would see a 4h movie. The book it's 817 pages so it had to be 2 movies, i know that we'll have to wait for such a long time but i believe that the result will be worth of waiting.
Yeah, besides. The first one should be hitting DVD right about the time the second half hit's the theaters! Soooooo, everyone can have a Twilight party and then finish it off in the theater with the final movie. If they do that I bet BD 2 breaks box office records above the other 4 movies.
such a good idea!!!!
It's okay. Ther's o so much one can deal with at a time. I agree to the two parts.
I would hate to have to wait but at the same time I want to see as much of Edward as possible :)
I think it is a good idea that Breaking Dawn is seperated into two installments, bu that's just me. Only because there is way too much detail in the book to fit into one whole entire movie (otherwise it'd be about an 8-hour movie,) so they had to seperate it to shorten each movie to about 2 hours. I just think it's a better idea to have two Breaking Dawn movies so the viewer doesn't fall asleep halfway the movie.
I think it is. It will take longer but the movie's got to be LONNNNGGGGGGGGG!


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