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What do you think about the upcoming "Love" scene coming in theaters November 18th 2011? It's a simple discussion about what you think will happen, what do you know, and your feelings about it, or simple thoughts about it.


These are some Eclipse "Love Scene" photos.

Just a reminder, of what more intense "love" scenes will happen in Breaking Dawn.

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I personally think that it should be intense and an adult scene, but also child-appropiate, it is PG-13. It's an important scene. It shows the conception of Nessie's being. I just wouldn't like it to be SO intense. I get embaressed when I watch things that ideal kissing, making out, or "love" scenes. It's just weird, you know. COMMENT PLEASE! :D

When I was at the movies with my mom watching eclipse and it was the *love* making scene I was kind of embarrassed because my mom was right there sitting next to me 


Same Here, but I was with my Mom & Dad, I had to pretend I dropped my popcorn, so they would think I wasn't watching.. :(
That's a good idea

well actuall i wouldlike the movie to be re=ated "r" beause if its not they might hav to change the whole plot... and for teenagers <or kids> whho arent 17 they dont necassaily have to go with parents ,just with someone older than 21. plenty of people can find someone they know thats cool enough. or sure they can go with parents just have them go to some other movie :)

i would ditch them to go. but still if pg-13 atleast have them like making out on he bed <to show the intense part> then fading to the next day before anything gets outta hand.

i would love to see breaking dawn.. also has anyone ellse wondered how they are going to do the part where bella gets licked by edwar on he stomach and cut open? that going to be a little hard but i guess they could cut the liking part out and just add thee bites in and have rosalie in the way while shes "ctting bella open" what do you guys think?

I don't think he licked her.. It said in the book that he striked her heart with his venom, or if I am mistaken, I'd think he bit her on her stomach *goosebumps* weird...
he had a syringe of his venom... which means he put the needle which is a thick one that won't break with her skin changing... directly to her heart... then bit her and licked her around the areas to help but did the heart first because her heart was slowing down and if he put it to her heart then it will be like there instead of being "late" to get to the heart.... do you understand??? lol
I agree. It will be intense, that's why it should be rated R instead of PG-13. Yes, teens would like to watch the film, but it has scenes that kids or teens should not see.

um... there is alot of movies that are pg-13 that I think is a little too mature for them... should have been rated R... but whatever....

it should be intense!  after all its their LOVE!!!

I know at first, I thought I really wouldn't want to see it if it was rated R. I think the intense level, won't be so high.
I think that they should put in the movie what is in the book. I understand children love this movie but let's face it, it should of been more for adults. But whatever the case is I hope that it is like the book.
I think with it being rated for kids that it isn't going to be to intense but you don't have to see anything to get the feeling of being intense... Kristen and Rob are GREAT actors and I no that they can pull this off! I hope that it is going to leave me wanting more because those are the best intesnse sences! I am so excited to c how they are going to pull this off!!!


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