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What do you think about the upcoming "Love" scene coming in theaters November 18th 2011? It's a simple discussion about what you think will happen, what do you know, and your feelings about it, or simple thoughts about it.


These are some Eclipse "Love Scene" photos.

Just a reminder, of what more intense "love" scenes will happen in Breaking Dawn.

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well u kind of have to do it to get the nessie child to be born so yeah it should be very intense well it should be because edward is just one of those people who r so willing to do it
It Happens in The Real World.. Whats So Different About a Film "/
Umm, NO IT DOESN'T! It's a vampire and a human, almost impossible to happen, because a vampire has to have emotional real strength not to bite her or kill her.

Am Meening Normally As a Human! ^o)

If It was rated R, then younger girls and boys that aren't 17 or 18 years old will have to go with their parents and it would be kind of embarrassing when your parents are right their watching it with you about *making love*
I know right.. I always get embaressed.. Wish that wouldn't happen..

ooh i dont know but we will just have to hold up are ecsitment tell breaking dawn comes out wich will be so hard.



Looking forward to there actual first real love scenes instead of just kisses then it being stopped looking forward to what happens


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