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In Breaking Dawn the story about Renesemee for Charlie is that she is Edward's neice to explain the resemblance between them but when Charlie is leaving on pg 514 Charlie says to Bella 'she sure looks a lot like you' and she replies 'more like Edward I think' and then adds 'she has your curls'.  I don't understand why she would say that if she is meant to his neice, she would have nothing of Charlie in her at all.  If she had said that to me I would think, why is she saying that if she is Edward's neice.  I can only think that it is a mistake unless I am over thinking things.  What do you think?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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Because there Charlie aknowledged that he indeed looks like Bella and so Bella decided that to just be honest and keep mentioning it. harlie knows.....he's not stupid! Renesmee looks too much like Bella and Edward!
and the fact of the name play .. first and middle name was a given.
Exactly. It was just Bella acknowledging that Charlie isn't stupid and he does know the truth. Thanks to Jacob, by this time, Charlie knows that there is a supernatural side to Forks and that his daughter is part of it. So this was just Bella's way of letting him know the truth without actually coming out and saying it and going against Charlie's "need to know" policy.
You are over thinking things. yes she did say that but alot of people even when they adopt a child will think that the child looks like someone in their family even though they have no blood of the person that adopted them. You can still tell a family that the child that they adopted has a color or hair that is similiar to a family member even though there is no blood. My nephew looks nothing like his parents but if you were to look at him you would think that he had some of my husband in him even though he doesn't. When we had him and was taken care of him everyone thought that he belonged to me and my husband cause he looks alot like my husband even though his dad and mom are no relation to him. So yes you are over thinking it.
On page 509 3rd paragraph " Renesemee leaned toward the smell, shaking off my hair and looking at him full in the face for the first time. Charlie gasped. I knew what he was seeing. My eyes-his eyes- copied exactly into her perfect face." At that moment Charlie knew that Edward and Bella were lying because Renesemee has Bella's eyes, he started hyperventalating & started counting mouthing the words quietly it says he was trying to count 9 months into one. Edward apoligized to Charlie and told him he needed to know the "public story" to protect Renesemee & Bella. So when Bella told Charlie "she has your curls" it was already understood that Charlie knew the truth, Renesemee is Edward & Bella's daughter. I hope it helps.
I had forgotten about that part. So yeah, it was just Bella acknowledging what Charlie already knew without coming right out saying say that Nessie is his granddaughter. Since that would lead to questions that would put Charlie in danger from the Volturi as well as go against his own wishes to only know what is absolutely necessary.
I'm a pretty good reader, and was laughing when I was writing this cause even I had to go page to that page and reread it...then I was like okay I get it. The problem is that we get so engrossed in the story (at least I do) that we we need to go back and reread it cause we missed something the first time around. :)
haha i put that same pargraph in my agurment,but more lol
Yeah, I think that Charlie and Bella just decided not to talk about it but they both knew that Renesmee was Edward and Bella's Daughter...
You are all rite I did think bout all those things but I thought that bcause they had said she was his neice that I must be wrong so thanx for clearing it up x
you're welcome! I think and I could be wrong (but if you read a little farther down) I love how Stephanie shows us the bond Bella has with Charlie...Almost as if they know what they are thinking. Since she doesn't have to say much and neither does he. At least thats what I picked up on that part of the book, thats why she was thankful for being able to stand the smell of Charlie & that he was able to understand without needing too much info.
On a Need to Know basis.. he knew more but didnt want it confirmed. worked quite well LOL


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