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Heyy I know that everyone knows about the release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 on November 18, 2011. First I have a question...The midnight premeire will be on Thursday night right? That is so inconvenient, I mean why not make it Friday night? Anyway, I have some awesome pictures!!!!















































































































I'm guessing this is Irina?





































































































































Denali Clan w/ Esme? If so i'm guessing the 3rd one from the left with the straight hair is Tanya?





 THE WEDDING INVITES!!!!! (the website states that the date SHOULD be in 2006 but they fast-forwarded it for the movie and it gives us something to celebrate since the movie is sooooo far away)








































































































































































????? Any ideas?.....I'm just guessing but by the looks of their eyes I'm assuming they are part of the Denali clan... Carmen and Eleazer maybe?
























Oh and got these from

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I'm looking forward to seeing the trailer but much more so to see the movie! I'm working with my publisher on getting the first book in my own series published - hope it will be on the shelves the first of October. 

That is great good luck on ur series!  keep us posted would love to read it!


Thanks! I'll try to post a short summary of the plot on a seperate post (don't want to on this post).



Very nice and usually how it works here is they show all the movies where you can buy the ticket for all 3 and the one for midnight. Or you can just buy the midnight one which is on Thursday so yes very confusing.

Oh okay thanks


Nice pictures~ I am so excited for this movie to come out already!   

The chic in the red dress talking to Aro is Gianna- the Volturi receptionist. She's delivering the invitation to Aro after it's dropped off, She's the one you see in the trailer that Aro throws into the wall...I'm guessing that when she dies. According to the illustrated Guide, she does eventually.
Correction: It wasn't Aro that tossed her...probably Felix.
thanks. I realized that when the trailer came out. I made this discussion b4 it did and then i added the trailer and I forgot to change that hahaha
It was very hard to tell who threw her, but I played it several times and thought it might have been Demetri as it didn't look "beefy" enough to be Felix...but that might have been the camera angle and how blurred the action was, IDK for sure!
Thanks!!! I just watched it and you right. I def think it was demetri!


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