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Heyy I know that everyone knows about the release of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1 on November 18, 2011. First I have a question...The midnight premeire will be on Thursday night right? That is so inconvenient, I mean why not make it Friday night? Anyway, I have some awesome pictures!!!!















































































































I'm guessing this is Irina?





































































































































Denali Clan w/ Esme? If so i'm guessing the 3rd one from the left with the straight hair is Tanya?





 THE WEDDING INVITES!!!!! (the website states that the date SHOULD be in 2006 but they fast-forwarded it for the movie and it gives us something to celebrate since the movie is sooooo far away)








































































































































































????? Any ideas?.....I'm just guessing but by the looks of their eyes I'm assuming they are part of the Denali clan... Carmen and Eleazer maybe?
























Oh and got these from

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Awesome. I really can't wait for the movie to come out.
i'm excited of what action will jacob do in this movie...
It was interesting to see some earlier movie "trailers" made by Fans. It took me to a set of trailers made by kids in the Czech Republic which is where most of my new book, "Immortal Relations" is based. I was able to pick up a little of the language and got a subtitle for one of my future stories in the series, "Forever Immortal", I can't totally duplicate the letters in English but it will look a little like "VecNost (the N looks about the same but smaller) napaoa5NaH (the first n is not an n but looks similar only larger and the o is larger with a line extending above the top through the bottom, the 5 is a more of an o with the top of a 5 added on and the N is smaller and reversed and the H is smaller in size, but you get the idea I'll bet. Anyway it was really neat to see the trailers made by the creative fans...check them out if you have time...they come up after you watch the official "Summit" trailer! 
I never really watched the fan-made trailers because I never really liked the few that I have. But i guess there ARE some good ones out there....
I get super excited when isee the vrailer when the mtv awards come on i turn back at the end jus to watch the trailer. I hope they put more trailers out cuz that trailer is not enouh if Rob can make a bed brake in real life then I would definately let him tap this lol. But on a serious note they would have to put me in jail to stop me from seeing that movie
Hahaha me to with the Rob thing. And also I don't even think that would stop me..... <3333
Gosh!!! i Can't breath watching  the trailer!!! lols

PG-13 I Think. that is what I saw on the web site.


yea its PG-13
Wow..just can't wait to watch it!


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