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Hey fellow twilighters!

I'm not sure about u guys but i am TOTALLY phsyced about Breaking Dawn pt 1 coming out this November! Now i've seen the trailer, and the leaked scenes from comic-con but I'm still not entirely sure - will it live up to the book we all know and love? By what ive seen so far, it seems like it will. But i cant know for sure. It's a very long, complex book and i dont want the movie to speed through it like in some book turned movies. I need you guy's opinion! Will BD part 1 be AMAZING or just ok? I'm hoping on that first one but we'll see..............


Let me know what u think,

-K. Cullen

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Yeah, I think I agree. I thought Eclipse didn't quite come up to the mark. Frankly, I was a little disappointed with it. Catherine Hardwicke changed Twilight so beyond recognition, I was a angry at first. There were quite a few clever stuff in it, but I didn't like the fact that she strayed so far away from the book. New Moon, however, was awesome.

But I love the cast, so I'm too biased to fault them.

I'm excited, but I have a feeling I'm going to walk out of that theater disappointed. I just don't see the reaseon for them breaking the movie into two parts. it's completely uncalled for to me. I think they just did it because one; Harry Potter did it, and Two; to make more money(obvioulsy) but then again, that's just my opinion.

Definitely! What's the difference? This is Edward and Bella finally taking their lives together. What's not to like something about we love from the start. Even if doesn't come nearly from the book. Does it matter? We've been all dying to see this in the flesh rather taking them all in our imaginations. I want to be a part of the breathtaking step of their lives. The beginning of forever. I want that forever to be a part of me too.


To me whatever it turns out to be. I'm still gonna LOVE it. I have the novels and movie filled my vision and overwhelmed my mind. Now I'm just excited and the countdown is killing me. :)

I feel  the same way as u i hate it when they just speed thourgh. When i watch the movies i can point out what they missed and i just get soooooooo mad.


I don't know with you guys, but this is all hard work. Maybe a little appreciation will be highly appreciated. I remember them (all the cast) talking about when they were shooting Breaking Dawn part 1, it was freezing and It was stormy. And they will have to stay there for 2 months or more just to give something for us. I know that it  their job to complete it without whining but think of the positive side of it. We can still have Breaking Dawn Part 1 as much as we loved Twilight, New Moon and Eclipse. That's why we are called Twilighters or TwiHards.
I agree with you on this. My thing is, if they're going to put so much hard work into making this movie, at least let it be done correctly. If they have a movie that butchers the book, then hard work wasted. The cast will be great, they've all had years to get the charaters down. Its all up to the screenwriter, Techs, and Director for oking the end result. I say it'll be amazing. It better be considering its a 2 parter. :)
Thank you Anakalia! But don't you think what's the book for if you give it all in the movies. If that's the case we'll I might as well wait for the movie and not patronize the books anymore. I love the books so much but the connections is in the movies.
Exactly. Plus, whether BD pt 1 comes out epic or not, I'm not going to the movie as a film critic like most of the fans will....comparing every detail, writing the movie off as "bad" just because its not exact. I'll enjoy it regardless because...hell, it's Twilight!
I mean, what "book to movie" ever comes out exactly the same as its book, right? I don't think it's supposed to.
Right! Go Breaking Dawn! I'll be there no matter what.

i totally agree with you guys!!! like most fans i would like the movie to be like the book in most ways possible, but i mean if its not exactly like the book, so what.


And we'll see them (the casts) until next year. I'm so not over it. Once a twilighter ALWAYS a Twihard. Hahaha:)

I love this picture... <3 :D 


And I agree!


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