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Hey fellow twilighters!

I'm not sure about u guys but i am TOTALLY phsyced about Breaking Dawn pt 1 coming out this November! Now i've seen the trailer, and the leaked scenes from comic-con but I'm still not entirely sure - will it live up to the book we all know and love? By what ive seen so far, it seems like it will. But i cant know for sure. It's a very long, complex book and i dont want the movie to speed through it like in some book turned movies. I need you guy's opinion! Will BD part 1 be AMAZING or just ok? I'm hoping on that first one but we'll see..............


Let me know what u think,

-K. Cullen

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Thanks. :]
wow....nice i love this picture so much.. haha
love it.
Seeing the trailer and a few awesome pics, i say its going to be AMAZING!!!!
this one is so good. someone had posted on facebook about her this ring on the wrong finger but they must not be paying attention that she's wearing an actual band on the other finger. did you see the Jacob one?
I didn't know they came out yesterday I just barely saw them today. Guess I better start being up on things. I can't wait it's going to be so much fun to see this movie.

I have to say that I am HIGHLY disappointed with nearly everything that I've seen so far. there are so many things wrong with this photo. Bella's facial expression for one is just like...what the hell is she doing?! she looks like she's about to have and orgasm or something. sorry, a bit too much for me. the dress looks as if it's been worn too many times, and the ring is just sitting on the wrong finger turned awkwardly toward the camera.....Even in the trailer! them playing that epic music for that kind of trailer was very unnecessary. very disappointing indeed.


Hopefully the movie will make up for these terrible promos.

I think it will be epic and better then the others!
This movie is going to be fabulous. I have to say I like how they added the part with the wolves it's going to be epic.

yayyy! thanks for posting


hoping its great, i didnt like new moon as much it could have been better (the movie)


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