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Hey fellow twilighters!

I'm not sure about u guys but i am TOTALLY phsyced about Breaking Dawn pt 1 coming out this November! Now i've seen the trailer, and the leaked scenes from comic-con but I'm still not entirely sure - will it live up to the book we all know and love? By what ive seen so far, it seems like it will. But i cant know for sure. It's a very long, complex book and i dont want the movie to speed through it like in some book turned movies. I need you guy's opinion! Will BD part 1 be AMAZING or just ok? I'm hoping on that first one but we'll see..............


Let me know what u think,

-K. Cullen

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i think it is going to be awesome. I've seen the trailer and i love it.

I agree November 2012 is way too far away for me but i know this movie will be epic.


You better get like me and get your ticket now while its still available


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