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Hey fellow twilighters!

I'm not sure about u guys but i am TOTALLY phsyced about Breaking Dawn pt 1 coming out this November! Now i've seen the trailer, and the leaked scenes from comic-con but I'm still not entirely sure - will it live up to the book we all know and love? By what ive seen so far, it seems like it will. But i cant know for sure. It's a very long, complex book and i dont want the movie to speed through it like in some book turned movies. I need you guy's opinion! Will BD part 1 be AMAZING or just ok? I'm hoping on that first one but we'll see..............


Let me know what u think,

-K. Cullen

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hey i feel the SAME way! but i havent seen the leaked seans from comic-con where did you see them...
Me too, I'm not sure if it will be as perfect as the book is. Only the movie will see. I just think they should not wait a year until a year to show the second part.
Seriously. A year is way too long after we've waited a year and a half just to see Part 1.
OMG same i hate that! and where did you see the comic-con clips? did you go to comic-con
there all over the web and if you have some of the other twilight sites there on there too.
i cant believe ive never seen it is it on youtube?
Yup. They're on youtube.
ooooopppss... i feel the SAME way! but i havent seen the leaked scenes from comic-con where did you see them!!!! ....i want to see it too... :)
I know exactly how you feel! I've felt that about the other movies, too (before they came out). I loved the clips shown at comic-con, but I'm going to keep an open-mind and open-expectations come November. :]
WHERE did you see the leaked seans from comic-con????

I haven't seen the leaked scenes yet, and I wasn't planning to. I want the movie to be a wholesome, blissful experience, and little things like leaked stuff get in the way. I think Bill Condon really gets the idea of this whole thing, and I think he knows exactly what he's doing. Plus, I trust the cast to be amazing, as always. There are so many things in the book that will be dynamic visual treats. The book has so much potential, and I hope the movie covers it all.

I think I'm going to vote for "It'll be amazing." :)

Well, I hope it will. They haven't done such a fantastic job so far.


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