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So I know Breaking Dawn is coming out on November 18,2011. Also I know there will be "special" scenes in the movie also. SOOOOOOOO GUYSSS what do you think about the outcome of the movie. Will it be a bad movie because of the"special" scenes or will it matter?

Let me know guys because i know its gonna be awesome but im justing speaking for the 7,8,9 year old kids who have eyes that are too young for this "stuff"


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What extra special scenes????

Isle Esme

Birth Scene

Naked Jacob

Naked Bella

Personally I don't believe young kids should be watching Twilight it is PG however it's up to the parents of course. I honestly hope they stay true to the book especially if it's a 2 part movie.
Didn't know that they were putting extra scenes except for the teen nessie that i am still not so sure about that being in the movie. I think someone is pulling a leg when it comes to a supposed teen nessie. I might be wrong though. If they put that in then it will will not go with the book and it will make me upset to see it in there
DO NOT KNOW IF TRUE but in a recording on you tube it says that rob and kristen have  broken up for him to date the girl in the other movie before water for elephants. the one where he dies in the towers waiting on his dad
thanxs for telling meh the ending :L lol only jokes xx
sorry. Didn't know you hadn't seen. I don't like to give away the ending to any movey. Thanks for the lol and jokes only but if i did give it away i am so sorry
remember me is the movie.first i've heard of it.
remember me is an ok movie. They didn't utilize Robs acting skill in it and was severly disappointed. The one where he was a fight pilot and put in a home was not any good either

remember me


I want the movie to stay as close to the book as possible! If some youngsters don't get to see it until they get a little older or have an adult take them that is fine with me. If some scenes are too advanced the movie will get a higher rating so I doubt they'll show wild scenes of the bed being broken, pillows being torn apart or the "little nudger" breaking Bella's bones from the inside. If they do, those scenes will likely wind up deleated except for a "Director's Cut" to be sold later on DVD or Blue Ray.
I am like you i think that some of the scenes that are for the more mature will be on blue ray. From what i have read and i have tried to keep up with everything breaking dawn. they are sticking with the book but won't actually see them do oh lala


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