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okay so Breaking Dawn part 1 was amazing and the director did a rlly good job with keeping it in the range of PG-13. how do u think Breaking Dawn part 2 is going to be? do u think Renesmee is going to ruin the movie cause it will take the focus away from bella and edward? do u think Breaking dawn part 2 will be better or worse than Breaking dawn part 1?

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I am only worried about them destroying the last battle with the Volturi...... It was so powerful int he book as they battled with the power of their minds and supernatural powers... Love won over all without needing violence... I know that they will change that for cinema drama and breaks my heart

they will probably put Edward in yet another head lock he was never in in the books**rolls eyes**


 yes, I am worried but looking forward the movie all at the same time=P

i am like the same with you. i think renesmee will somewhat ruin it because i love the love between bella and edward. i just have a feeling it is going to be more about jacob and renesmee than bella and edward. i cant wait intill it comes out though

i sort of agree with you but i bet edward and bella will be in it alot, not all in love but as parents. but then agian i think bella and edward will have thier moments.

okay i sorta agree. i mean yea they have to put more attention on other people or it would just be plain...but i dont know

You forget one thing that os very important: Bella's new as a vampire! And, if it's about Bella, it's about Edward, too. Maybe the director will introduce some Jacob- Renesmee in the movie, but if You read on, you'll see that Bella is called "main character"! So, don't worry, Now, I'm sure that the movie will be grea. :))

you also do have a point there. its not bella without edward(awww) and yes i know she is the main character but it can be all about other people to which is what i am worried about

i want a fight like an actual fight not of minds but physical i got disappointed when i read that in bd but seriously its like all this hype to get ready to fight the volturi and then in the end nothing happened except bella finding out she can expand her shield

yea it was some dissapoint ment. when there is a fight it brings more attention to some of the people who like action more than romance. like me i love action and romance but mostly romance

I think it will be better than the first. It might come from both point of views. They might tell it from the wolves and vampires point of views. Im just waiting for it to come out.

there will defiently be more action. and i cant wait either!

I think there will be new dimensions to the relationship between Bella and Edward, since she will now be physically stronger and feel more equal to him on certain levels.  I don't think the portrayal of the bond between Renesmee and Jacob will take something away from the focus on the relationship between Bella and Edward.  Their relationship will also develop further as they have to find their feet as parents.  Remember, Renesmee is still a little girl and at this stage Jacob is more of a friend and protector to her.  Bella and Edward will depend on that.

good point with bella being more like edward. there would be alot more focus on jacob than there was before due to being protective over renesmee.


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