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okay so Breaking Dawn part 1 was amazing and the director did a rlly good job with keeping it in the range of PG-13. how do u think Breaking Dawn part 2 is going to be? do u think Renesmee is going to ruin the movie cause it will take the focus away from bella and edward? do u think Breaking dawn part 2 will be better or worse than Breaking dawn part 1?

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i agree that breaking dawn pt.1 was amazing! i think breaking dawn pt.2 will be just as good or even better than breaking dawn pt.1. i think bill condon didnt want to focus on renesmee too much so bella and edward are probably in the movie alot, he doesnt want to move to far away from bella its her point of view. 

you do have a point there also. if this director really knows about the twilight saga than he might want to keep most focus on bella and edward

I dont care who he keeps the focus on, as long as the movie is pertaining to the books and is good.

i want it to be like the book to. but in my opinion i think it would be nice to keep Bella and Edward relantionship close. dont u think?

In a way yea. But it would also be nice to tell it from the wolf packs point of view too. Thats just me, I like to know know everyone's point of view; it makes it a little bit more entertaining.

it would be nice to put some wolfs point of view because of the team jacob fans.

I hope they show the house that is given to Bella as a Birthday gift and their first time together as vampires.

yea that would be nice

No, I don't think it will take away focus from Bella and Edward, they will just show them as a happy vampire family, nothing else :)

But before that they will have to face many problems :)

True. You always have to face a few trials and tribulations to have and appreciate REAL love.

Fortunately, otherwise you would't know if that love was worth fighting :) 



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