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okay so Breaking Dawn part 1 was amazing and the director did a rlly good job with keeping it in the range of PG-13. how do u think Breaking Dawn part 2 is going to be? do u think Renesmee is going to ruin the movie cause it will take the focus away from bella and edward? do u think Breaking dawn part 2 will be better or worse than Breaking dawn part 1?

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lol (:
well I thnk it will be kinda both lol
haha ya

This is the movie that has me most scared/worried, its my favourite book and my favourite part of that book so i really hope they have done a good job of it and stuck to the book as much as possible. I think from what iv read for the fight scene they have done, i read somewhere that they have been using special effects that have never been used before, i took this to mean in the fight sequence with alec and jane and bellas shield, and also where bella is getting help practacing her talent. just hope its not to over the top.

so for me i think/hope it will be just as good as if not better than part one, i dont think too much focus will be on renesmee just enough to show her talents bond with jacob and the bond and love for balla and edward

the movie wasnt that bad...i was shocked with how fearless bella was. but she was also a new born (:


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