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Breaking Dawn pictures can't wait until it's here

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These are W.O.N.D.E.R.F.U.L.  I want more please.

CANNOT wait for November 18th!

We're getting closer but still not close enough!


The pictures are amazing.

What about this one?

Looks like Bella's room and she is packing. Looks like there is a box in the back ground and there is nothing on the cork board on the wall.
if you look at her left ring finger that she has on edwards chest, will see the engagement ring. yes BD pics

LOVE the details!  Purple bedspread, ring, wristband, etc. 


Love it!

this just looks so romantic.

I'm about to cry lol and I don't know why. This picture is just so deep to me.


P.S. Rob looks so sexy.

A culiminating of years of "getting to know."  I'm looking forward to see them happy for an ENTIRE movie.  They deserve it.  Seeing Bella vamp up will be cool as well.  Bring on the shield!


I can't wait either. I really hope the focus a little more on the love story between Bella & Edward because this is where they connected as one.
like all of you. hope that they focus more on bella and edward. know that jacob is going to cause a little trouble but these two deserve to have the happiness that has been building since the first movie and book
wow i like all the pics except the denali clan pics. i bet tanya is jealous of bella at the wedding.


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