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Breaking Dawn pictures can't wait until it's here

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I have these too..


Exciting, woooo!!!
Love these ones too. I wonder if the picture with Bella pressed up against Edward looking back is the scene when the cleaning crew comes in and that women is staring at Bella.
She does not have her wedding ring on in that picture and she also looks scared. I love the pics though.

OMG!!!!!! this is it!!!


Ohhhh my gosh! Looooooove 'em!!!!!!!! :)
<3 <3
Wow, these are great pics.
hope these are not leaked pics
look on photobucket and there are more of these great pics. even on twilight site that have pics
here is a few BD pics that i have gotten from, twilight and photobucket.
OMG! These are beautiful, I really just cannot wait until November 18, 2011. Gawd..


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