The Twilight Saga

For the twilight fans who can't decide which poster they want to put on their computer destop backgrounds on their laptops at home well I've made it so you don't need to keep changing from one to the other :)


Keep them, copy them and save them. I don't care. These are for you, so say thank you :D




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i think there are other posters just check out, they have everything posted in their blogs
Yes it is on the wrong hand because on her ring finger is her wedding band. It's in the trailer and in other pictures which is why her ring is on this hand.
Thank you for clarifying that for me.
Your welcome someone else had asked on one of the other discussions to and I just happen to see the reason on one of the sites I have on facebook. I can't wait.
Neither can I.
their really good cant wait for the film





i love


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