The Twilight Saga

For the twilight fans who can't decide which poster they want to put on their computer destop backgrounds on their laptops at home well I've made it so you don't need to keep changing from one to the other :)


Keep them, copy them and save them. I don't care. These are for you, so say thank you :D




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Thank you so much.
its ok :)

This is awesome.

Thank you :D

Thank You :D
i love the pics of edward and bella!!!! They are so ment for each other that it drives me crazy!!!!

i really like it


thank you that's so awesome :)



Your such a sweetheart to do this for everyone thank you.

awww its ok everyone hehe. i felt like it haha. i'm not normally the one to give stuff away for free so you're very welcome :)

Tam twilight it is just awesome to see edward and bella, her ring is awesome. anymore new pics? sorry i cant control after see all of them :)
Bella's ring is on the wrong hand I don't know if anyone noticed it. But they are awesome pictures. Thanks. 


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