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BEST 17 SECONDS OF MY LIFE! I have a good feeling about BD prt1. Bella looks like hell just like she is suppose to while she's pregnant! I'm soooo amped!!!!!! 

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that's on the breaking dawn discussion. just thought I'd let you know :)
Okay. Well now it's on this discussion as well :)
Yep its going to be a good one.
It is but I've watched it about 100 times now lol & idk how I feel about Edward's hair. What do you think about it?

lol it is a lil short xD oh well <3


When Bella said "Woah!", it sounded like she was on a horse that she was trying to slow down XD

It is EPIC!!!!

I think Edward looks good. Can't wait!!!

Carlisle's hair... T-T


Love this preview, though. Can't wait for tomorrow (or technically today) -- full trailer! :]


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