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Does anyone else think that in order for Breaking Dawn to be made into a decent movie it will need to be rated R due to the content throughout the whole book?

I was in the theater seeing New Moon and there were 5-6 year old girls in there. Honestly, for a PG13 movie? 5 years old? There is no way they are going to be able to go see the movie for Breaking Dawn. I wouldn't even let a child under 13 read the book.

Now im not a mother, im a teenager myself. But i find that if they make it PG13 then there wont really be anything shown. Im not saying i want full on sex scenes or anything of the sort. But the whole pregnancy scene where shes covered in blood and the honeymoon and stuff, I wouldn't dare let a little child see any of that. I just dont see how you can turn that into a PG13 movie without cutting all of it basically out.

What does everyone think? I just don't want them making a movie targeting the younger kids. Its mostly the 14 year olds and up anyways. I think that should be the age to see any of it to begin with, I mean what little kid even understands the meaning and whats going on? Most of the older kids who read the books, I really think their parents would let them go see it even if it was rated R. It would also keep the little kids out. And Im sure some parents will still take their 6 year olds to it even then.

Again, this is just my humble opinion. What are everyone's thoughts? I'd appreciate no rude comments, I'm just writing about what I think should happen.

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I also agree, the ony way to make it right is to make it Rated!! With all that goes on in the book,
If BD comes out with less than a R rating, I'm not going to bother watching it. I think the pain that Bella (and Edward) go through during Renesmee's birth is an integral part of the story and to dull it down would kill it totally.
Not to mention the Honeymoon...? Like Bella I wouldn't mind the bruises.
You are young but obviously you get it. Has your mom read the books?
Rated R all the way... my favorite parts were the honey moon, the first night at the cottage, isle esme and bella's bruises, covered in feathers... lol ..i dont want to sound like im only into the sexual part of the book but lets be honest, we were all waiting for bella and edward to take it to the next level, we wanted to know what it was gonna be like, specially for edward, and that's what we're gonna be expecting in the movie, so, im sorry but... WE NEED IT TO BE RATED R!!!!!!!
I totally understand what you are saying. I hope that at the least it will be a 15. (UK) There is such romantic and passionate scenes in Breaking Dawn, that to skim over it for a younger viewing audience, would take away the feelings of passions and need that Bella and Edward have for each other. I have also heard of very young children seeing New Moon, which I think is appalling, given the content. Perhaps Mommy Twilighters should have a little more consideration for their wee ones.
i had loads of yound kids in the cinema when i went launch night an they was annoying as crap with the shrieking an screaming when edward an jacob come on with or without top on, they were almost making the movie almost unbearable. i think parents should bring there kids just because there going as the movie is not really apporiate for them
I do agree totally, I wouldn't want my kids seeing it if they were under about 13, and especially Breaking Dawn! at least not if it is true to the book. For the film they always find clever ways of skimming over things or skipping them, lets just hope they don't leave out too much of the essence of BD....
As a mother of a 6yr old girl, I wouldn't dream of taking her to see any of the films, I won't even let her watch HP & the order of the phoenix - anyway Twilight saga is my guilty pleasure!!! Can't have my baby seeing me crying while watching which I always do!
Haha....I can imagine people in the theater squealing already. Man, are the girls going to be jealous of Kristen. ROFL
I agree we you breaking dawn should be rated R , my friend and I took her 8 year old step daughter to new moon and through the whole movie she kept asking questions about what was going on she was to young to understand. I am so looking forword to seeing eclipes and breaking dawn.
That is one of the main reason I think it's dumb. They aren't even old enough to understand it so what's the point?


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