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Does anyone else think that in order for Breaking Dawn to be made into a decent movie it will need to be rated R due to the content throughout the whole book?

I was in the theater seeing New Moon and there were 5-6 year old girls in there. Honestly, for a PG13 movie? 5 years old? There is no way they are going to be able to go see the movie for Breaking Dawn. I wouldn't even let a child under 13 read the book.

Now im not a mother, im a teenager myself. But i find that if they make it PG13 then there wont really be anything shown. Im not saying i want full on sex scenes or anything of the sort. But the whole pregnancy scene where shes covered in blood and the honeymoon and stuff, I wouldn't dare let a little child see any of that. I just dont see how you can turn that into a PG13 movie without cutting all of it basically out.

What does everyone think? I just don't want them making a movie targeting the younger kids. Its mostly the 14 year olds and up anyways. I think that should be the age to see any of it to begin with, I mean what little kid even understands the meaning and whats going on? Most of the older kids who read the books, I really think their parents would let them go see it even if it was rated R. It would also keep the little kids out. And Im sure some parents will still take their 6 year olds to it even then.

Again, this is just my humble opinion. What are everyone's thoughts? I'd appreciate no rude comments, I'm just writing about what I think should happen.

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I know.. in the book their relationship is so passionate and cute.. I still love the movie but man.. I could have used a little more sweet talk.. has anyone read a little of midnight sun?? I love it! Edward is so cute and obsessive
Where have you read parts of Midnight Sun?
Steph's home page..Its really good!
No but there is a partial draft of it. Its like the first 12 chapters
I have heard somewhere along the line that characters are not allowed to have sex in movies or on television. When you consider Breaking Dawn there is not much talk of sex at all in there. It is mostly implied, except for a small amount of phrases that lead you to know that Edward and Bella are having sex. I believe they can still have Breaking Dawn be a PG-13 and still have all the elements of the book in the movie. They could always show Edward and Bella going to the bedroom and then the camera can move away after that.
ya it should be R cuz they hv to put all the stuff.. and it was my fave from the series too
I agree with you. They would have to cut out alot of the book or at least make it less 'interestin' in order to keep it PG 13> and to me that is unfair! I am a mother of teenagers and they love these movies but I dont think that any of the smaller children should be able to see some of the acts that are in the book! I guess every parent is different but I would allow my 15 yr old to go but not my 10 year old son.

If these movies were intended for a young children then i think that the book would have been written differently so i say that the movie should follow straight from the book. The book is entirely to good to go and change up the movie> it kinda defeats the purpose of the movie dont you think?
Amen I totally agree, I wish they(anyone that has to do with making the movie) would take into consideration what is said on these forums. We are the people they are making the movie for, and it seems that most people agree on an R rating.
I was wondering that too. Even in Eclipse there are those parts where she's trying to take her clothes off and seducing Edward. But in Breaking Dawn they actually do have sex, plus the whole pregnancy/giving birth thing does make me think that it should be rated R.
It has to be...! I see it in my head over and over again.
i thnik rated r too


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