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Does anyone else think that in order for Breaking Dawn to be made into a decent movie it will need to be rated R due to the content throughout the whole book?

I was in the theater seeing New Moon and there were 5-6 year old girls in there. Honestly, for a PG13 movie? 5 years old? There is no way they are going to be able to go see the movie for Breaking Dawn. I wouldn't even let a child under 13 read the book.

Now im not a mother, im a teenager myself. But i find that if they make it PG13 then there wont really be anything shown. Im not saying i want full on sex scenes or anything of the sort. But the whole pregnancy scene where shes covered in blood and the honeymoon and stuff, I wouldn't dare let a little child see any of that. I just dont see how you can turn that into a PG13 movie without cutting all of it basically out.

What does everyone think? I just don't want them making a movie targeting the younger kids. Its mostly the 14 year olds and up anyways. I think that should be the age to see any of it to begin with, I mean what little kid even understands the meaning and whats going on? Most of the older kids who read the books, I really think their parents would let them go see it even if it was rated R. It would also keep the little kids out. And Im sure some parents will still take their 6 year olds to it even then.

Again, this is just my humble opinion. What are everyone's thoughts? I'd appreciate no rude comments, I'm just writing about what I think should happen.

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I've been thinking about this too..I really think It should be rated R..and if not, they will really have to down play alot of the book..I myself prefer the R version because it was the BEST book out of all of them..Like you say the part where she is having the baby, and all the blood..!!! Well it should be interesting how they do that scene..And the honeymoon..Really hope they don't down play that to much..LOL
Lol I agree with you. The last book was definitely my favorite. I really don't want them to down play those scenes either
Why do u believe ppl under 13 shouldnt read the book im 12 and i read all the books
I believe this because there are just some things in the book that the younger audiences don't need to learn about until they are older. No offence towards you, but I just don't think anyone under 13 and even those who are 13 should read about them having sex and what not. Its just not appropriate.
yeah your wright I am only 11 and I have read the books 2 times I think really little kids shod not see the movies or read the books but it does not need to be rated R
i think twilight novel is better than davinci code even though it's my fave book, and twilight movie and new moon...are the movies that i can't never forget...because that's when i saw robert and felt in love with him's true...hopely robert you kno can read this i don't know if we ever meet i hope someday god will find a way for us to meet..coz' i'm all the way away far from in indonesia the city that i live in i want to be close from you and move away near you so i can see you everyday..keeping you safe and you..susan.
I completly agree that it should be rated R the book was def took to a different level and I would not take a a child under 13 to see it or let them read it... to make the movie conect with the book pg-13 jus will not work too much blood and the sex scenes...I went to see new moon and someone brought there like 4 and 5 year olds my friend and I couldn't believe it!! and they wondered why they started crying halfway thro the movie???
Believe it or not, a lady brought their baby, 2 year old, and like 4 year old into the theater when i went.
LOL i brought my eight year old and 4 year old and they both loved it, though they have seen Twilight 20 times and they have asked me enough to know almost as much about the books as me. Bit before walking in they knew Jacob was a werewolf and he's a good guy, they knew about the volturri, etc.. so it wasnt scary at all for them.... will they be watching Eclipse prolly not, Breaking Dawn Definately not... I have already told my 8 yr old she cannot read or watch breaking dawn till she's atleast 12...
lol its okay when they are behaved. These children were kickin my seat, suckin their straws, and the baby started crying twice. And I wish every parent was like you. Most parents dont bother to read what they buy for their kids and I really appreciate you telling them no. Im glad my mom told me no to things when I was younger, it instilled morals/values in me, I guess now im a little motherly lol
but im twelve and i read the book and i didnt care. it should be rated pg-13 not rated R cuz then parents wont let us see it so no.


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