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Does anyone else think that in order for Breaking Dawn to be made into a decent movie it will need to be rated R due to the content throughout the whole book?

I was in the theater seeing New Moon and there were 5-6 year old girls in there. Honestly, for a PG13 movie? 5 years old? There is no way they are going to be able to go see the movie for Breaking Dawn. I wouldn't even let a child under 13 read the book.

Now im not a mother, im a teenager myself. But i find that if they make it PG13 then there wont really be anything shown. Im not saying i want full on sex scenes or anything of the sort. But the whole pregnancy scene where shes covered in blood and the honeymoon and stuff, I wouldn't dare let a little child see any of that. I just dont see how you can turn that into a PG13 movie without cutting all of it basically out.

What does everyone think? I just don't want them making a movie targeting the younger kids. Its mostly the 14 year olds and up anyways. I think that should be the age to see any of it to begin with, I mean what little kid even understands the meaning and whats going on? Most of the older kids who read the books, I really think their parents would let them go see it even if it was rated R. It would also keep the little kids out. And Im sure some parents will still take their 6 year olds to it even then.

Again, this is just my humble opinion. What are everyone's thoughts? I'd appreciate no rude comments, I'm just writing about what I think should happen.

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I agree... I don't want the people making the movie to dumb it down just so they can get extra bums on seats... I think if the last movie is going to be true to the story it definately needs a more adult rating. I don't know about you... but I read those books and the sexual tension building towards the last book was a big part of the charm... I'm not saying I want proper sex scenes, but the film needs to at least properly alude to the fact that they are now in a physical relationship... also, I wouldn't want to take a small child to see a labour seen like that. 'what that how I was born mummy?'
I've got a 3 yr old n a 4 yr old and they both love... n i mean LOVE scary movies... their fathers doing lol!!! Some nights for bedtime they say they want to watch a monster movie instead of spongebob or something like that!!! They ask A LOT for twilight and they both seen New Moon... 5 times... and LOVED it!!! My oldest knows when to close her eyes when there is a kissing scene starting... n I close my 2 yr olds eyes!! I'd take em to go watch the last 2 as well but my kids r very well behaved I get A LOT of comments on how well they just sit there and watch the movie while the other kids r trying to escape their parents... even in the stores... cuz they know mommy don't play around like that!! I was raised to not watch scarey movies stuff when i was younger n my husband wasn't!!! At 1st I didn't agree with letting him do that but after coming home from work a few times n both of them running up to me telling me how cool the monster movie was I was like fine if they have nightmares he deals with them... n they have yet to have a nightmare!!! So I can't completely agree with u all on not letting little kids watch the movie... it all depends on the child i would say!!! I do agree that they should make Breaking Dawn rated r so they can put everything in and when it comes to the honeymoon my kids eyes will just be covered... I'll bring sleeping masks then lol!!!! It should also be put in 2 parts as well so they can fit everything in there just right!!!
I dont really think New Moon is a scary movie. It's a love story. I honestly really cant see how your children understand whats going on and I wouldnt be surprised if they didnt. There were only a couple of scenes in there that were scary anyway. True, it does depend on the child, but 3 and 4 yr olds seeing a PG13 movie is slightly ridiculous. That would defeat the purpose of a PG13 rating if parents let their kids walk in and see any movie they want.

But no offence towards you, its purely the parents choice, however, my children in the near future will not be going to see a PG13 movie at 4 yrs old.
First off, Breaking Dawn never really went into detail with the sex scene. I agree with you. But in some theaters, in order to be let in to a rated R movie, an ID must be shown.

And a while back I was listening to some seven year olds talk about twilight and they got everything all wrong! James didn't come to Bella to see if she was okay, he was out to kill her!

I so agree with you.
I think it has to be. If its not then they're really going to downplay a lot of the scenes. and in order to get the full effect of what 'breaking dawn' is, the scenes absolutely have to be the way they are in the book. It would make breaking dawn a lot better.
yea i do hope they make BREAKING DAWN rated R!!.. not really for all the honeymoon part of the movie.(even tho i thinkk it would totally kill it if they dont show that part) but more for when bella's giving birth.. its not something i would want my kids to watch untill they are of a more mature age.. i dont want them to think that fairy tales like that happen n that any guy thats sweet to them is like EDWARD!! LOL we all know thats not true.. im 23yrs old and i had to deal with all the screaming of the lil gurls there.. n i would to watch Breaking Dawn with a more mature audience... im not say'n all ur teenage gurls should watch it.. i mean more of the 13yrs n younger croud!!! well thats just my thoughts.. i dont have kids.. soo different mothers think differently.....
You brought up a good point. I never really thought there would be too much shown in the honeymoon scene, since the book seems to be very respectful. But all the blood would probably be way too much for little ones.
Well...I think BD should be rated R, I have a daughter who's almost 11 that loves the Twilight Saga..I would let her see the movies no matter the rating because I know she loves the books and this entire Twilight thing has bonded us in a way I never would have imagined. She's young...and she doesn't have the emotional capabilities to understand some of the plots but she loves the books and movies as much as I do. So, I'm happy that Stephenie Meyer's style of writing not only transends age barriers but, it's made my child love reading. I think the last 2 books should be rated R, but I would let my kid watch them..with me...because I know she loves the books, I would never deny her seeing the rest of the series hit the big screen.
i am 14 years old and i think breaking down is not a book for persons under 13...i know that in theatres you find 5-6years old kids at new moon or twilight, but they do not pay attention to the movie...they pay attention to their big popcorn box and their big glass with juice:))


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