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Does anybody know when the BD trailer comes out? Or if its already came out?... All i can find are fan made and teaser trailers. So please spill if you know any news!

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i'm also looking for the same thing i tried youtube they have some but they're all fanmade
hey they just now started shooting this movie the trailer wont be out for a longish time but the movie will come out november 2011 and the second part will come out november 2012
i know but i do hope
It is not out yet. I believe about a month before it comes out in theater.
The movies haven't even been filmed yet so the trailer won't be out until probably summer next year. I wouldn't be surprised to see it premiered with the second part of the last HP movie in July. They start filming next month and the first part is coming to theaters Nov. 18, 2011.
i watched the fanmade ones though they're weird
ya super weird lol
Sorry, I can't find it either. Im still looking for it though.
There isn't a trailer out yet because they haven't started shooting yet... They are still casting all the characters who will apear in BD... I can't wait till there is a trailer out though!
I'm dying for the real trailer i've been depending on fanmade ones till now
i dont know!!!!!!


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