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guys sorry if i sent a wrong date a while ago.. the trailer's goona be released on 06/05/11... i reallly read it the wrong way.. hihih... I just want to clarify.. we have to wait for it though I'm dying to see it!

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the mtv movies awards is the same day!  is that were they r going to show it first!  like they did with new moon


yep they will be showing it at the MTV awards it's going to be fabulous.


I am so watching MTV!!! ;)

me too
On what channel they will show the MTV awards.
Well as its the MTV awards I'm gonna guess it will be on MTV XD


Is that the 6th of May or the 5th of June? (I from England, we write the date different to Americans)

June 5th of 2011 :)
Thanks :)
no problem Vampirella!  :)
It will be premiere at the MTV Awards like all the rest have been! YAY!

hell yea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!my frend liz says thats alsum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!=)


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