The Twilight Saga

guys sorry if i sent a wrong date a while ago.. the trailer's goona be released on 06/05/11... i reallly read it the wrong way.. hihih... I just want to clarify.. we have to wait for it though I'm dying to see it!

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I just can't wait to see the movie in theater's.

Hey... Do u guys think I can watch that in my country(India) too....?????? If yes then what will b the date...???? If no... Then.. Poor me...!!!!! :-(

Not sure and you may not find out until the trailer is release. But I don't see why you wouldn't be able to watch it.
the trailer at the MTV yey so exited ,.... thanks for that message ! really I've been looking everywhere for the trailer release date...! whoooo!
I really cant wait to see the movie....


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