The Twilight Saga

We're getting closer and closer to the opening of Breaking Dawn: Part I. Closed Set Movies tweeted that the official trailer for the movie will be released at the MTV Movie Awards, which airs Sunday, June 5, at 9 PM.



I am so xcited I will defo be staying up even though it won't be shown where I am till bout 3am

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you will have to let me know!  I don't have cable :(  so I won't be able to watch MTV :(
You'll have to go to someone's house to watch it. Where there's a will there's a way, Right??????

LOL Jeannie, I wish I could but... my sister does not have cable and my mom does not like MTV.... and I don't know anyone in town... LOL

if I was back in Iowa I would have no problem finding somewhere to watch it LOL.... :)


are you sure?? like 100% sure???

I read it on twitter go to
I can't wait to see it!!
i'm excited!

there is no trailer yet though?  :(  i so wanna see the trailer for Breaking Dawn!!!


um.... says it is just a rumor... they are not sure.  they hope it will show the trailer this summer on MTV... we will see

They showed eclipse and new moon clips at the awards so it is more than likely they will.  I am really hoping too cause I can't wait till November

I know right!!!!  I am upset that they are doing it one year apart for part 1 and part 2..... :(  wish they would do it a bit closer....


I am definitely going to see it in theaters again!!! lmao

yeahh, that was the main reason i watch the MTV awards, cuz i knew they wuld show Twilight movie trailers. It only makes sense that they'd do it again for Breaking Dawn
Ugh, JUNE 5TH, That's so long..


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