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hey guys.

just wanted to post some pics from lasts nights MTV Awards.

i must say, Rob and Kristen looked too cute together,

i couldnt stop smiling










heres a link where you can see lots more pics. :)



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they are PERFECT together!!! thanks for the pics!

wow, thanks sooo much for those!!

loveee themm!!!!

these make me fell a tad bit better about that scneak clip. lol
oh! who wouldn't give anything to view the most perfect celebrity couple in the world. They tickled me pink!!!!!
all of you are wrong rob does not go together with kristen.Rob likes Kristen but Kristen just doesn't want to ruin her image.Rob goes with me.
btw i was SO proud of Rob for winning all those awards, my jaw dropped when he won Global Superstar like that.
he was like... "oh... um okay" lol.

yaaaay ♥
Thanks, I missed the awards...totally bummed. Now that I've seen these feeling MUCH better!
I was so excited that they actually kissed this year. I totally loved every minute of them together it was so cute and sweet.
Me too...I was waiting when the kept playing around. I was like, omg are they gonna actually do it this time??

There's always next year, they might win again for their meadow kiss in eclipse
definitely. Twilight fans are the best :) they look so perfect
well rob n kristen looks juz so hilarious togethr.. ;)
bt id hope to c them togethr over n over n over n over :P


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