The Twilight Saga

Hey I found this game in a spanish fan group in facebook and I wanted to share it with you, so here it is:
You mix a Movie, TV Show, Book, etc. Tittle with the word "chicken", Ex: Remember chicken (remember me), Two and a half chicken (two and a half men, Midnight chicken (midnight sun)....
It isn't nessesary to be relationated with the twilight saga
Enjoy it!

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Chicken Moon :)
Or new chicken LOL
Haha! :)

What bout for any Harry Potter film:
Harry Potter and the Chicken :)
Breaking Chicken XD
Harry Potter and the half-blood chicken!
hush chicken

(hush, hush)
pulp chicken

(or chicken fiction...whichever lol)
Omg my sisters obsessed with Hannah Montana so i thought
Hannah Montana the Chicken :)
ooo i thought of another i had to share lol

harry potter and the deathly chickens

The lost chicken
raiders of the lost chicken
Imma Be a Chicken (Imma Be)


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