The Twilight Saga

If you had to choose one Twilight Saga character to hang out with for one day only....who would it be and what would you do???

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alice becuse she wold tell me what the fucher is
Edward - to run through the forest and see him sparkle in the
Soooo Edward Baby!!
Edward !!! He is interesting enough so i wouldn't need any other Cullen!!!
I'm sure he would find something to do that I can't even imagine! :))
Edward of course
I would have to say Edward, because I feel I am the biggest Edward fan Where I live, and to tell you the truth I don't know what I would do...never mind, scratch that. I would pass out.
hahahahaah is that so? lol same here
urmm one of the cullens.... get one you get the rest ;) xxx
edward!!! He is so awesome! We would... I would see him sparkle, we would drive his Volvo super fast, we'd run, everything!!
I honestly cant choose between Emmett n Alice. Half day wid Emmett, d other half wid Alice :-) (I dont kno how dat would work out... lol)


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