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okay read this and you might actual like it people.
edward cullen say he loves bella but bella belongs to jocob{not by imprinting just love} so edward asks bell's dad charlie if he could marry bella and charlie does't like jocob or his family so of course he say yes to edward.edward father is charlie's best friend.Charlie makes bella chose between him or jocob.charlie has cancer and is about to die in 2 years so bella agrees to mary edward but happens when edward refuses to make love with .edward has a dark secrete and have to chose keeping his secrete or losing bella

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~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~FLASH BACK~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
"Bells... him or me?" charlie demanded.
"dad,you know I love but Jake is my life"I refuse to chose.
I did't even know this edward cullen and my dad was making me marry him?
"Bella,I dont like doing this to you..."
"sure you!"I murtted.
He contunied ingnoring my comment.
"but I have 2 years bella and I don't trust him so me or him?
"dad please,don't do this to me"I begged.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~end of flash back~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
I like it. I can't wait to see what the dark secret is. You should keep going with this.
Girl, you are so talented with writing that it's not funny. This sounds very good. Wondering what the secret is; need more asap.
IS it a true story?????????? you guys though personaly i think im not that good.any chapter 1 coming you way in few minis.
oh and what do you is it true story?if you asked this question explain plz
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~CHAPTER ONE~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
Bells's P.O.V

It's being three since I got married.I wish I could say happly married but unfortunetly I can't:Edward my beutiful husband is loving and caring.He probably cared for me more than anyone in the world now.Charlie-it hurts to remember died-died about a year ago.The day of my so called wedding now reminds me of my fathers death.The chose i had to make.Most importenly my love for jocob.He can't even remember me now I bet.Over the past three years I learned to love edward in away that could not be possible.He now was not only my husband but my best friend.

It was hard at first especialy the first year but with a little help from edward ,I am ok.Not perfect,not great,just okay.
Thinking about this reminds me of what I went through.The pain.I remember crying my self to sleep.I almost went insane,the pain was just too much.I sometimes even wondered if it was worst than death.I remember wishing I was dead.
Now people might say "why did't she just go to jocob when charlie died?"why?
I loved my father too much and did't want lie to him.When I promised charlie,I meant it.

Now that it's being three years shoudn't I get my happiness.It's not like I dont derseve it.
Edward is the perfect husband but I am going to be 20 in 5 month.Three it's being and edward hadn't make love with me.
He said "it's me,Bells,not you hon"classic I though.Edward say he loves everyday,yet he has a funny of showing.
I had enough,and I am going to what everything in my power to gain my goal.Even if it's my last act!
This is amazing Bella. I love your new story. Hope you'll update soon :)
okay chapter is is now finished.
don't worry edward's lovers{yes thats what i call us}
there will make but first i want you and need you feel bella's pain,even if you in team jocob.

love si-si{thats my nickname}
Okay, I've felt the pain, but she needs to realize that that comes with every marriage. Now what's going on with Edward? As loving a man as he is, to have not made love to Bella for more than three years is totally amazing.
Need more, hurry:)
lol okay next chater will from edward's pov but im trying to think about something at the momment.the dark scerete.

love you guys


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