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Heyy. When I was reading BD I was always confused when Bella though Renesmee was going to be a boy she was going to name him E.J....................Does this stand for "Edward Jr." or "Edward Jacob" ????????????????????????????????????????????????

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oh that is not good!!! I hope everything is okay!! Maybe it is good you have no school tomorrow then
oh okay=)
yes it is... that is a good attitude to have=)
I am glad you are there now though!!!
I do my best to always look at situations through positive eyes... when I can't I work on getting them there!!
Edward Jacob
Edward Jacob I hated that I thought she meant Edward Jr cause when Edward asked her what did you call hi she said your dads name was Edward too and then when I got Further she said my little Edward Jacob Ugh :( I was mad
trust me i almost threw up and i got like really mad i swear
exactly, i mean how can she even think abt it, aren't kids named in the lines of their father's or mother's family. when she said edward jacob. i was like OMG!!!!!!!. it feels to me like she meant the baby belongs to jacob phishh..... thats so sick
I thought it was extremely selfish of Bella to do that!!
She loved Edward and Jacob,she already feels that she is hurting Jake and she does everything in her power to keep Jacob happy. So she thinks its fair to treat him nicely now.
Edward Jacob. I thnk it would have not been a good name. Like i like the name but i dnt thnk edward would have fealt good about it all i thnk it wuld really hurt his feelings and it wuld be kinda weird cus jacob imprints on renesmee and it wuld be aquired if half her name was his


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