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Heyy. When I was reading BD I was always confused when Bella though Renesmee was going to be a boy she was going to name him E.J....................Does this stand for "Edward Jr." or "Edward Jacob" ????????????????????????????????????????????????

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Edward Jacob
Edward Jr.....LOL of course
Bella said it was Edward Jacob In BD though
yeah...I do recall that...:)
It made me so
I definitely wouldn't name my son after another guy. I have 4 kids and I could never think to so that.
I named my son after my Husband and father
not me but it is cool to hear others POV=)
I'm bored because my kids are cleaning their rooms=)

It made me mad also that she would put Jacobs name with Edwards for her sons name. She made her choice, the best choice, she should be happy.

Oh ooh.. if we think bout it, its kinda unsensitive for bella to actually do that. wont she care if it hurts edward.if i were edward i would go heartbreak!or if edward was a human girl he must've cried ! (lol)
I fully agree!! I would have never have done that to Edward
i was like ummm yeah bella not a very good name i thought it was like awkward


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