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Heyy. When I was reading BD I was always confused when Bella though Renesmee was going to be a boy she was going to name him E.J....................Does this stand for "Edward Jr." or "Edward Jacob" ????????????????????????????????????????????????

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i think it stands for edward and jacob case she said shell always have a part of them both that she loves
That so doesn't mean she should have called the baby Edward Jacob that was messed up to me and totally weird
Ya,its common knowledge for all the people who read twilight that Bella was different and always choses different things.
Edward Jacob
Edward Jr
Its defintely Edward Jacob Bella does state that in the book . Personally I would have never named my child after someone my husband has ahuge problem with! I mean REALLY Bella what were u thinking havent u hurt Edward enough? Lets just rub it in a lil more shall we.. im sorry Bella annoys me until she becomes a vampire then she is awesome!
noooooo Edward knows how special Jacob is in her life
Edward Jr. She asked Edward if his dad's name was Edward too.
Edward Jacob. It says that in the book when Charlie comes to visit Bella and Edward after Bella's changed.
she says " my little Edward Jacob baby " once so it means edward jacob..


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