The Twilight Saga

Edward tells Bella that he favors mountain lions when he hunts. This got me to wondering the last couple of days, who likes Edward more. Kittens (teens to 30's) or Cougars (the 40+ crowd). Since I am a cougar (also known as mountain lions); I got to thinking, that I would take him in a heart beat.

So, what do y'all think?

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i think all women and girls love edward i think kittens take it to extreme obsession and cougars want to marry him lol
I completely agree with u on that 1....the younger the girl is the more obessed she gets. But Edward is just Sexy & Romantic too
I totally agree w/ you.....
i believe that both like him but kittens more
i love edward.
I think kittens
I love Edward! I would take him or vice versa! ;)
All women love Edward, or they should! haha
I think both, because he is so adorable.
i being a kitten myself i belive that we like edward more because we're more of the crowd stephine intended to fall in love with the books. i have nothing against the cougers my mother being 1 but i know i'm a big percentage of the love from the kittens idk why really i just think the kittens like edward more and most cougers are already married and happy (i would hope happy) to another man so they can't fully enjoy edward's amazingness


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