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Does this person even exist, dont you just hate it when people call him that is PATTINSON PAT-IN-SON is it that hard if anyone feel the same was or even different please comment and tell me I would love to know, and would like to know that I am the only "CRAZY" person in the world! BYE BYE NOW!

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i didn't understand it at all, if i did i understood you're not as crazy as me about him... see... well... guess now i'm not too crazy as i've been but i am anyway... but tell me why you are crazy, you love him irrevocably as bella said about edward or what?? answer please!!!
YEA! I TOTALLY LOVE HIM AND ITS SOMEthing that i don't understand, its hard for me and my love for EDWARD has caused me to loose friends because they were on team jacob , being a EDWARD freak is hard but very fun work!
YEAHH! i totally think the same! cause i love him!! i luckily didn't loose friends but he has changed my life and if i tell you what i think to do when i'm older you'll say i'm crazier than you!!! hahha... i don't know how but all of this has made me change a lot...
ME 2! I like you Jessica have lost a few friends because they were Team Jacob and they would start arguments with me on Jacob is so hot and Edward/ Rob is WAY hotter and Edward is so much sweeter! Which over rules all!!! Rob is so freaking amazing! He was super good in Remember Me so that is proof he is a great actor because he can play Edward and be prefection and then go and do some other movie and nail it!!!
Me changes you life on 360, its awesome ....but don´t think youre crazy I mean, many of the girls including me hahah....feel thw same way as just enjoy it...but well, if your "friends" are team Jacob , just let thwm know that both you and them, are awesome...and that no difference could broke a lovely friendship....if they still saying maybe you should think about having other friends, ones you could be accepted in....GOOD LUCK(:
so r u gonna tell florencia what u think to do when u get older or should it be just left at that ??? yeah he has changed my life too. In what way has he changed urs?
OMG! YESSSSSSSSS! HE IS! AND what am I supposed to tell about when I or she gets older(please excuse the incorrect grammar)


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