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Does anybody know what the Cullen Crest meaning is??

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The crest was originally created for the first Twilight film and contains three elements: the hand symbolizes faith and sincerity; the lion symbolizes strength and ferocity; and the trefoil (three clovers) symbolizes perpetuity.
Thank you so much Alex!! Where did you find this info at? It wasn't mentioned in the books, that I recall.
the cullen crest was created for the first movie. I think the idea came from Catherine Hardwicke. I think I read that int he movie companion to Twilight.
No, it wasnt mentioned in the books.
What he said.
WOW! I didn't no that and have wondered that myself! Thank you for sharing that Alec!
Thanks Alex. I always wondered what it meant too. I originally thought it meant loyalty and family.


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