The Twilight Saga

If you are an official Cullen sign your first name here with Cullen as your last name

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hey smitha, not fair. i soooooo wanted to put my name as Patricia Edward Cullen. lol. i don't wat striked me that it shd be ur first name and then cullen as ur last name, though nothin is mentioned abt ur middle name lol..........
Hahahhaha!!!! Its ok patricia,post again!
Well, My name is Irma. I love Edward so much, so for my screen name I use both of his name (human name & vampire name)... Irmasencullen!! It's for Irma,Masen and Cullen!! XDXD ( i even use this name for my facebook account too!! lolz )
that is cool xD
thanks sis... :))
Katrina Cullen
Sara Cullen
Sara Cullen
Selveena Cullen
Danielle Culln. Yay i have always wanted 2 e apart of the cullens!
dont we all
♥ Jasmine Cullen ♥


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