The Twilight Saga

Dear Edward,


You and I don't share the same name. We don't even live in the same universe. I live in reality. You live in a world called Twilight, created by Stephenie Meyer. I don't even look like you. But I am you.


I believe in the same thing you do. Your love for Bella, which became an obsession -- the kind that was okay, that was all right -- and eventually an option that you knew you would never regret. She was your singer, your life, your blood. She was you everything. I understand that now.


I didn't understand it before, Edward, because I was only listening to what my friends were telling me. "Edward Cullen is a sparkling gay Vampire...Edward Cullen needs to get laid..." I got tired of it, so, I read the book. And now I know. You were doing everything, loving her, saving her, protecting her, marrying her...all of those things because of love. Love is a word that I used many times before, but never really thought that I was misusing the word until I read Stephenie Meyer's creation. Well, that's gonna change now. I may not be immortal, or strong, or be able to read minds, but I'll keep in mind what you represented.


So, Edward Cullen, the Vampire of Twilight, thank you. You are not a sparkling gay Vampire. You are an inspiration to us men who treated love like crap, like a word that we looked over.


Thank you,

Just Another Guy

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Wow. I love this :)
aww.. :`)
Wow ..
brilliant!  it is true Edward should be an inspiration to all the guys out there!!!!  glad you know that men should treat women better!!!!  :)


very very right!

Uh, thank you guys...Just thought I'd shed some light on what us guys thinkg about the guy.
Now,this is something guys should learn from you!
This is so sweet.  This is what has so many women drawn to Twilight.  Forget that Edward is a vampire.  HIS LOVE FOR BELLA IS WHAT WE WOMEN SEE.  He is committed to her and knows that she is the one for him and he treats her with ALL the love, caring and respect that he has for women.  He may say that that is because of the times when he was born but there are women today who long for that kind of devotion and for the times when men treated women like a Lady.



You are the most lucky girl on the whole world to have such a great boyfriend... :-)


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