The Twilight Saga

If you can describe your image of Edward in one word, what is it?
Just answer one word only...just for fun!

Ok i will go first :)


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..just says everything..
Just Edward is my reply as well. *sigh*
Edward. The word simply says everythin
a statue of Adonis
carved in marble
Edward... this word explains all.
the only word that can describe Edward is his name
ive tried to find other names for him but to tell u the truth hes so much more than perfect, dreamy or romantic
he's beyond the descriptions of words if that makes sence, he's way more than any describing word on earth
but with his name Edward it just says it all in 6 letters, simple but true
i second that.
Just one??...At a time! Yummy...Sexy...Beautiful...Perfect.....
Perfect reply!!!!!!


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