The Twilight Saga

i hated twilight.
i dont know why. i guess cause everyone else was so into it.
but then i saw the movie...and edward was just soo cool...and i guess it was love at first sight. now im one of those huge twilight obsessors!
anyone else like that?

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yeah, I saw my friend reading it on the bus and I was like, "Why would you read something soooo stupid!" He tried to describe the characters ot me, but all I could picture was mean, black haired weirdos!
Then... I was in English in November and I was putting labels on books and saw Twilight. I looked at it and said, "Well, maybe I'll read since people are saying it's really good..... UH YEAH! OF COURSE IT'S GOOD!
I did a book report on it the day that the movie came out and I was so excited because I was going to see it on the 22!
Oh, and, the friend that got me into it hasn't even read Breaking Dawn and I have gone soo far as to read Midnight Sun! :D
SWeet! Kudos to u. i have to read midnight sun, is it any good?
Hahahahahahahah. thats hilarious! no i dont think they understand it. first they're dumb cheerleaders who prob cant read any way, and second i dont think they'll get it like we do. theres more to the book than robert pattinson. any way they're prob reading it because every one else is and they wanna keep being in the"in crowd"
hey I find that very insulting
I am a cheerleader and I am soo not dumb
I understand the saga and have read more books than most of the people I know
and I know some pretty smart people
honestly, saying that cheerleaders dont get it or popular people are only into it to be cool is so no true.
FYI im a cheerleader and can speak english french italian and spanish perfectly....i have gone to France and Italy and the natives always comment on the fact that it seems to be my first languaje...
I lived in the US and now in Mexico so its the same thing there...

and I was in gifted classes in elementary and middle school and i got promoted a grade up now in high school
omg i am like exactly like that! exept for the fact that i don't think i HATED twilight, i just wasn't into it and didn't really know much about it. then I saw the movie and BAM! OBSESSED!
actually I love the books
when they came out my dad bought them for me because he read the reviews and well I was immediantly engrossed in the story
but then they decided to make a movie
i was all for it until...until i watched it
im sorry but i think the movie sucks...i mean the guys are hot but i didnt like it at all
still obsessed with all twilight related stories thoguh lol
Yup i hated everything that had to do with it and my brother had to force me to watch it then i was OBSESSED ~TEAM EDWARD!!!~
i was a skeptic about the books and kinda laughed at the people who read them. but then i couldn't help myself and fell in love ♥

i didnt really hate it....


i just thought it was one of those obsessions that were going 2 fade once its over like hp

and then i watched the movie.......


my friends who liked twilight now r pretty sick of it cuz it's all i talk about xD

i never heard of it until a couple of years ago when my sister brought it home. i asked her if i could read it and thats how i started loving Twilight. i've read all books about 10-20 times each. GO TEAM EDWARD!!!!


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