The Twilight Saga

i hated twilight.
i dont know why. i guess cause everyone else was so into it.
but then i saw the movie...and edward was just soo cool...and i guess it was love at first sight. now im one of those huge twilight obsessors!
anyone else like that?

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sounds just like me!
yeah..I also hate twilight un the begining and laughed on my friends that they are reading books on vempires..
i felt the same way. i was like that is so stupid until i saw it. now im so obcessed. more than my daughters. lol. now i have my own copy of the movie and all the books
i cant say that i hate twilight but i just don't give attention when the movie were on cinema.i went to a book store then i saw twilight i reads the cover story, automatic i just grab the book and pay.i finish the book within 2 hours and i found out that i just love it very much.the plot,the character.Then,i buy the Dvd then watch it,the moment when i saw Edward i was speechless!regret for not giving attention before for the,i am a die-hard fans of twilight books and movie as well as the Cullen's, Bella and Robert Pattinson.
no i was told it was good by one of my friends so i read i am completly obsessed with it
i love this story not only for Edward! the spot is amazing! all the story is great! love feelings of Bella and sometimes i feel like her...when i'm it!
Yeah I wasnt into Twilight at all until I saw the previews to the New Moon and it looked pretty good so I decided to rent Twilight and after that I was hooked I bought all the books and read them and now I cant stop. I am now reading the books for the 2nd time and I love it:)!
yeah me. coz before i havent watched or read the book yet. then i heard the news that rob is so famous and things like that. hes been my absolute crush becoz of cedric diggory. but when i saw his recent pics i saw his hair then i was like : what the heck is his problem? is it always windy above his head?. no offense but thats my first impression then. by then id never get interested on watching the movie becoz i thought that he will windy hair thing on all the scenes. but lately just last month i have stumbled on the twilight book. i was soo bored and looking for books that are interesting to read in the library and there i saw the book. i was like : yea maybe i'll try it. but OMG. i cant believe i sooo have wished i have read the book. the story was sooo awesome. i was thinking all these years i have waste my life if i havent read the twilight book! i was sooo inspired by Edward Cullen. im totally irrevocably inlove with him. he's my dream guy then. but well he's taken *how sad. then i watched the movie and OH BY GOLLY! Rob was soooo super duper to the highest level soo handsome, charismatic and mysterious in the screen. i was like OMG i'm gonna die for him. thats all. Im A total ROB-SESSED!
no from the moment i heard the title of the movie i new it would be ggood and wen i saw the movie and read the boks i became twilight and rob obsessed TEAM EDWARD FOREVER
yeah, i did.. :(
and i am so sorry that i said i hated it "/

But when i saw i fell in love, :D


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