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Yeah I just want to know if anyone else cried while reading the books...cause I cried a whole buch. Now when I read any book I just want bawl my eyes out. But mostly when I read the twilight saga. :)

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Yes, I did in Eclipse, when she kissed Jacob And with Breaking Dawn , when ir finishes :( :D

I cried in New Moon when Edward was saying goodbye to Bella. So upsetting! :.(

I cried at this bit FOR TWO WEEKS!!

i defiantly cried before the fight in Breaking Dawn, cause honestly i thought it was gonna turn out bad! When i watched BD though, i REALLY almost cried during the wedding, because it was just so perfect and i was so happy for them (even though they aren't even real, lol)

yes i have cried multuple times in every book,but i cried a lot more in New Moon than in any other book in the series

All of them. its been too long sense I red them I cant remember. I read all of them within a week right after Eclipse was released to DVD.

I didn`t cry in any of them but I really with she would make a new one because I really hate when something super good comes then just ends I hate endings because I want it to last forever and ever yeah I know this sounds crazy but it`s very true.

I cried 3 times when I read New Moon.. 

Hmm, lots of times. In New Moon, when he said goodbye to Bella. New Moon again when Jacob was upset at the end. Also in Breaking Dawn at the wedding, who knows why lol, and in Breaking Dawn when it ended. I'm  obsessed and it ended! I was so sad!

The loss that step. descripes in new moon tore my heart out i know whAT heartbreak is. 

I cried the first time reading New Moon @ the end, when Edward is trying to convince Bella that he is there to stay. Mostly I cried cause that was rather a bad time to be reading the saddest book in the series.


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