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There's a news report to say that Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene are not happy with their offer on salaries to make  Breakin Dawn (2 films) so it is rumored that new actors may be found i really hope not, lets hope they can sort it out!!

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You know, I am a bigger person then this. I not going to squable over this with someone that thinks they are superior to me because they spend more time on a web site......that does not make me any less devoted to Twilight then you are. Who are you to judge them or their decisions or to say what they are lucky for? Good Luck is all I can say to you and oh do I wish there was an ignore feature!!
You must not be a die hard fan then to purpose something as this. I not trying to challenge the fact that you love Twilight more then I do. But to say something like that..... I can see how you see it as she is not around in BD a lot but Alice is partly the reason they win at the end because every claim that was made was shot down with the arival of Nahuel.

Yes, asking more money then the lead roles, I can understand how that can be preceived. But do we really know what is going on that is making the two ask for that amount? No, we do not know what is going on that set or in their negotiations. So, for us to assume there is not a perfect reason they are asking for that amount is not cool at all. Maybe they were way underpaid the last two films?

I sorry I stand by my decision for BD.... They change the two actors and I will boycot BD as well as make a big deal over it. It will destroy the movie in my eyes to change those two characters last minute. I guess I trying to look at if from every point of veiw.

Sounds like Summit is being the greedy ones while they rake in the dough while the actors are the ones that really do the work. I understand the company does the effects, but those people taking the time out of their life to make a movie for us to enjoy.... Think of it that way!!
YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME...... Another change in actors would screw it all up for us in the final movie. I can not beleive they would not just step it up and pay them more for what they are doing. IDIOTS is what I think they are if they replace any of the lesser Vampires. I was COMPLETELY pissed off when they changed Victoria because she so does not look the same at all from Twilight to New Moon....but what can I do, I am just a TWEAK....
I second that motion!! Do not tear the Cullens apart becuase that will destroy the movie!! Wish I knew where we could go post a complaint on that!!
Even though I am a die hard TWEAK, I would boycot the last film if they change Alice and Emmet!! I can not see how they can make Alice or Emmet be a lesser role. Emmet does not have a lot of lines, but over all he is still important to the plot of the movies. Alice played a HUGE role in New Moon....her a lesser vampire, I think not. Like I said I will boycot the movie and wait for it to be released on DVD if they change those actors and make into one movie only. Either give us the glory of it all or nothing at all is what I say!!
I can not beleive that Summit the company that is producing the Twilight Saga's are actually talking about replacing the actress/actor that plays Alice & Emmet for Breaking Dawn!!! If they do that I am going to BOYCOT BD. It would ruin the whole series of films to change them for the last one. Is it not enough that they totally screwed up on Victoria?? I SAY FIRE SUMMIT AND GET ANOTHER COMPANY TO BACK THE DIRECTOR!!
I agree wiht Shannon..if they are demanding that much (wich we are not sure)'s not ok..The actors have to know that they will lose funs if they don't make in the films because of the money they are if that's means that they don't care about us..the funs that are going to theatres more than one time, and buy the dvd's..etc.
It is a fact that all of as will be soooo disapointed...if the actors changes..(we all are because of Victoria), but if that happens because of the actors..of their ego' their fault, they will lose a lot more after..not only the money on BD.If it's summit's fault..then you could boicot summit for that..but until we do not know the truth..there's no point on speculating..
Whay should the other actors suffer from us boicoting BD if the fault is not there's?if somebody's ego grown "over night" and they can't get enought?
Let's hope and pray..that the cast will not change..just like what happend with first they said that will not be on E soundtrack..and after all..they have the leading song.
i think even if alice and emmett are not in the movie that much, i think they will add parts to it to make it seem like they are in it, what i mean is i think we will see clips of jasper and alice searching for the other vamp child, in south america, otherwise people who dont read the books but just watch the movies will have no idea why or where alice and jasper have shot off to.
you're right..i agree
Whatever the real story is, I hope they all come to an agreement soon. The fans and the rest of the cast should not be made to suffer because of this dispute. I hope it's the agents and not the actors themselves who are getting so full of themselves! I always thought they were doing it for their love of the saga?

please ........... work this out!!!!
so it's confirmed that BD will be two films?


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