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There's a news report to say that Kellan Lutz and Ashley Greene are not happy with their offer on salaries to make  Breakin Dawn (2 films) so it is rumored that new actors may be found i really hope not, lets hope they can sort it out!!

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YUP, ii THiiNK SO,
ii HOPE!! ;-D
that would be great..........
BD is a long book...
could i ask you a question what robert's i color???
i need to know it because with been comparing his eye color from the movie???
They can't get different people for the final one. Emmett and Alice (Kellan & Ashley) deserve to have a raise just like Rob, Kristen & Taylor. They may not be huge like the other 3 but they still have a very big part, and with the money the Twilight Saga is making they can afford to make every actor/actress happy.
I think Alice is wonderful, she's actually my daughters favorite (other than Edward of course) and I really think it would suck if they were changed.
Bottom line is that making movies is a BUSINESS. Summit has a right to try it's best to control costs of production including salaries. Just like actors have a right to ask for more. In a business deal you have to go in knowing when you are willing to walk away. These actors are getting raises with the amount they have been offered, if they don't like it let them ask for more, but that doesn't mean that Summit has to agree. I think that boycotting a production company just because of cast changes is childish. All of the people working on these films are adults and they are behaving as such, as should we all. Business is business, Negotiations work this way. I am sure all the other actors negotiated too. The only reason we are hearing about these is because they are taking so long. Not to mention that putting this in the media is probably a ploy by agents in the negotation process to drum up support for their actors. At any rate we should ALL be adults and stop cat-fighting on the internet. PUH-LEEEEZE.


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