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I really cant belive it... but I just want to see what you all think. and if she is what would be good baby names?? Like there is all these magizes at walmart. I almost cried when I saw it. It said like he agreed to if she would stay true or something like that.

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I haven't heard that she was pregnant...if so, I feel sorry for Rob and the child.

it's not his's from one of her other 5 guys she's been 'involved' know what I mean by involved.

Whoa...I mean I haven't heard anything abut it from one of the major celeb news stories, so it must be just a rumor.

It was in people's magazine when hurricane sandy came to new york. I was in the store and it showed she was involved with her ex, taylor, rupert and some other guy. I forgot and they said her and rob are MAD that they had to promote the movie seperate and one of them actually slipped saying it was only for the movie. I miss the old Kristen :( She shouldn't be doing this...It's not right!!! She's with Rob, The most nicest boyfriend you can have especially if he's an actor. When girls have bad guys that hurt them they start crying to their family saying they want a nice guy then when they get a nice guy they break his heart then he turns bad just so he won't look like a sissy. My god.

I didn't hear anything about Kristen being pregnant, I wonder if it just might be a hoax or something about her's and Robs relationship. Or a ruse to boost sales of twilight stuff since it's the end of the franchise, them being in a relationship still with a child on the way would boost sales. i hate to think that of people but I also wonder if they would do something like that.

Plus who really cares, I mean it's their life and they should be able to live it with out all this garbage going on about them.

What a load of rubish! These stories today, God! I'm pretty sure that's not true, I watched a video yesterday that said that they had a no you know what I mean agreement until they trust each other more, and I'm pretty sure the papparazzi are upset that Kristen and Rob are back together, some people say that it will affect their carrers but who really cares? I mean I care about that if their back together or not, but still if they love each other, they love each other! Come ON people!

I agree with you, Who cares if she is pregnant or not. This is starting to get ridiculous. They are people and nothing more.

yes i beileve it i saw a magazine and she is planning to raise it in england and wants to marry rob now...its seems pretty legit! and it is robs...she comfired it was theres

I saw an article in the OK magazine I got and it said that Kristen is pregant and wants to get married to Rob.I don't know if it is true or not.I am happy for them.Tracy


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