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Well, I seen where a lot of critics were comparing twilight to the vampire I read them too...In my opinion I just dont see it, I mean other than it being about vampires and love...completly different writing styles, different take on what a vampire is, and way different plot. Plus, they dont even hold a flame to twilight..but what do you think??

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so, i don´t read the book of the vampire diaries ... but saw tte part of the first tv serie ...

and yes there is so much similiar ... even the dialogues ... so it was a little bit boring....
I was curious and read the first two VD, and the books are so different from the show. I think to piggy back on Twilight popularity, they changed the book's premises to what viewer's are most interested in: Twilight.

Just a few examples: Elena is blond, self centered, popular, and narcissistic to the point of "I really hate this Elena character" in the books, but she's brunette, demure, and brooding in the show. Also, Stephan actually drinks from humans and animals alike in the books, but on TV, they made him abhor touching a human, and yes, even took some of SM's dialogue. I still enjoy the TV series, but now watch with a picture of what should have been in my head. Just saying :)
hmmm ... i guess i have to read the vd books :D
I completely agree..they should have made the series more like the books, I think the show would be better that way, instead of just a knock-off twilight.
I don't see it as a knock off of twilight these books were written in 91. The show is not even remotely close to twilight in any way. If your lookin at elena cause she is brunette instead of being blond not a big deal there. Look at true blood they dont follow the books
a little bit is simialr just a little! VD came out wayyyy before TS though. they weren't meant to be the same though it just kinda flows that way. they are both great stories
I find that the writing style in the Vampire Diaries is kind of toneless, though it does have an engaging story line. ( :

Elena annoys me in the tv series because she is clearly a version of Bella who makes all the "sensible" decisions.

And I hate it when people say that the Vampire Diaries books were written way before Twilight, because although that's true, the TV show doesn't even really have the same plot line as the books and is MOST DEFINITELY a cop out of Twilight. >:(
I agree to that also...In the books Elena is made out to be spontaneous, and I think that would have been better to the show...point is, the show would be better if they stuck to the books..
I finished the first book and well into the second her writing style is kind of for a lack of a better word boring. I find my self not wanting to finish the book. Now the TV series is way better in my opinion
I don't think they do either, I read all three of them last year and the last book 4 that was released recently. They were simply O.K.. The Twilight books I didn't start reading until March 15, 2009 and I read all four books in 5 days. I was so tired I felt like a walking zombie but I couldn't put them down. I have read them at least 5 more times front to back, and my favorite parts many more than that. The Vampire Diaries it took me several weeks to read a few chapters at a time, and as I said they were o.k. but I have no desire to read them again and the tv series I can take it or leave it either way, no big deal.
I haven't read VD, or seen the show. But with what everyone is saying, it seems like we can conclude that VD and Twilight are completely different books, just the same about vampire romance. And the TV show of VD is a knockoff of Twilight, or has some similarities. So basically, though VD came before, it is completely different and the only thing that makes them comparable is the TV show. Just to sum it up.
ok, i´ve read the books

i must say that stephenie meyer was inspire by vampire diaries ...

and the tv show vampire diaries was inspire by the twilight saga definetly


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